What is this blog about?

From time to time I travel from Tasmania, Australia’s island State, northwards to the mainland of Australia.  This blog will record the stories and photographs of trips taken away from the mainland’s capital and other large cities. The blog is likely to endure for years to come, although with gaps in publishing when I am elsewhere.

Long term followers of my adventures in other blogs (for example, Touching the Tarkine and Walking the Derwent) know that I get excited by my travels and my experiences and want to share them. Therefore it should not surprise anyone that I feel compelled to document my exhilarating discovery experiences last June.  During a visit to Cairns in northern Queensland and out within the Savannah country to its west, I encountered new landscapes, the remnants of extreme geological histories plus evidence of the social histories of many people. Intermingled with these findings were wonderful renewed connections with my northern family.  This blog records the richness of my action-packed 10 days away from Hobart.  Once that enriching experience is documented then I will move onto blogging my 10 day August visit to central Australia where I was able to immerse myself in the environs of the East and West MacDonnell ranges, plus explore the famous Uluru and Kata Tjuta landmarks.

My hope is that blog followers who do not know non-metropolitan parts of Australia, will be inspired to make their own forays.  Stories and vistas exist everywhere.