Dinner in town

Still Saturday. Initially Betty and I expected to dine in each of the three hotels for comparisons and a broad experience, however on our last night we were ready for something casual and comparatively simple.  In particular, we loved the whimsical name of one outlet in the town centre; Ayers Wok Noodle Bar.Ayers Wok shop.JPGWe knew there were a range of cafes and restaurants in the town centre so we decided to take the bus and walk around the town centre until we found our fancy.  The noodle bar was our final choice.

Ayers Wok.JPG

Ayers Wok’s take away menu was attractive and popular, but I also wanted to drink a glass of red wine something which they did not provide. I approached the Gecko’s Café/Restaurant next door to ask whether it would be possible to sit at their outside tables, eat the Wok food and drink their wine.  ‘Yes we are connected businesses’, was the easy response.  Our dinner that night was incredibly pleasant sitting in the mild evening air, and watching people moving around the town centre. A wonderful conclusion to a magnificent day.

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