Driving to the Walpa Gorge, Kata Tjuta carpark

The features of Kata Tjuta became more clearly defined as the morning light strengthened.20170902_071738.jpg



20170902_073150.jpgAfter alighting from the bus at the Walpa Gorge carpark, we walked a little way along the flat desert track then stopped to listen to our driver explaining the geological history and aboriginal stories associated with Kata Tjuta, the walking options, the nature of the local vegetation, and much more. I like walking alone, so when the driver decided to walk with us into the Walpa Gorge and be a guide, I held back. I realised generally the group were walking faster than my injured leg wanted to travel so that a slower pace was sensible.

Again I was aware of an ancient landscape much worn by the millennia. This video and the following photos show the effects of weather and climate on the rocks.20170902_073312.jpg

20170902_073424.jpgFrom the flat landscape the path ascended on irregularly sloping rocks and the surface was uneven.20170902_074114.jpg


20170902_074717.jpgDespite that, a well marked track was obvious to most (there were other tourists who came and went and some seemed unable to stay on track – in order to protect the environment my driver yelled to them through the intense wind to get back onto the track).  20170902_083549.jpg

20170902_081632.jpg As I walked higher, I could see the thicker vegetation in the lower valley section of the Gorge,some of which is a grove of spearwood.20170902_074222.jpg


20170902_074726.jpg Some of the vertical wall surfaces reminded me of the caves of the Meteora in north western Greece. For example, in Greece some hermit caves looked like: 20140607_190315.jpgBy contrast some of the Walpa Gorge walls looked like: 20170902_074846.jpg



20170902_075556.jpg This video shows the nature of the Gorge walls, the stony uneven walkway and, most of all, you hear the wind.  Walpa meaning whistle in the local Anangu language.


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