Back to Uluru for the Mala walk

Friday– I was careful to start later in the morning as a means to recoup energy lost during the previous day, and to give my feet the best chance before taking them off for more walking. I had the chance to wash and dry a week’s load of dirty clothes giving me more to wear again.  I used time to read all the available brochures and check the internet for more information about where I was to be sure I would not miss some marvellous opportunity, I familiarised myself with all the buildings and facets of my Hotel complex, and I made new bus bookings for more journeys to Uluru and Kata Tjuta.  It was a comparatively relaxing time getting ‘my house in order’.  Meanwhile Betty had gone off to Uluru for her own discoveries.

Then I was back on the bus headed south again. I am always surprised in buses when people do not look out to see the world they are passing by; that bent neck and the fingers on mobiles is usually the reason.       20170831_130633.jpg



20170901_121406.jpgDuring every bus trip I loved seeing Uluru and Kata Tjuta emerge from the landscape. The photos below of the north side of Uluru show the indentations along the rock.     20170901_122007.jpg



20170901_122341.jpgThe bus rounded the western side and headed along the southern side of Uluru.     20170901_122513.jpg





20170901_123945.jpg  Then we were travelling on the eastern side and around to the northern side.20170901_124000.jpg




20170901_124513.jpgI was surprised to see Uluru differently; how riding on the bus gave me a perspective additional to that I had when walking around Uluru.  Eventually the Hop On Hop Off bus reached the Mala carpark, the last stop on its around-the-rock route.

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