Taking the walk around Uluru – the flowers from Kuniya Piti to Mala

The track heading north and then west from the Kuniya Piti carpark to Mala is known as the Base Walk; this is the longest continuous section of the walk around Uluru.

Uluru walks

More (and mostly different from those in the first walk section) desert flowers grew through this landscape.20170831_08274020170831_083654









20170831_092854While walking this section, I realised these plants cope with extreme cold and extreme heat in mostly a dry environment, with the occasional torrential rainstorms to flush the ground. Where I live, mostly my soil is exceptionally dry, the winters are cold and the summers can be very hot, at least for some of the time. My home is in an environment that receives little rain. I wonder if these desert plants would thrive here in Bellerive.

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